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Triangle Financial provides solutions and coaching to assist you in growing your portfolio, protecting what you value most, enjoying your finances. building wealth.

Retirement Income PLanning

You’ve worked hard throughout your career, and deserve to retire to a life free of financial worries. That is why advance planning is critical.

The most common pre-retirement questions are:

  • Do I have enough money to retire?  
  • Will I have enough money to support me/us for the rest of our life(lives)?  

Triangle Financial Services can help with your planning. Our strategy is designed to give peace of mind and the ability to handle market changes without constant worrying.

Kendra Erkamaa guides you in your retirement income strategy

Kendra Erkamaa guides you in your retirement income strategy

Some of these techniques will work for you:

  • Customizing your portfolio to your level of risk
  • Employing a robust integrated strategy, combining many different approaches 
  • Including cash-flow dividends and interest
  • Using a bucket strategy
  • Rebalancing and optimizing your portfolio
  • Integrating and using a holistic approach with all of your 
  • Setting up accounts to address inflation and taxes

A plan we develop together with you, will provide:

  • Peace of mind. You’ll know where your money can come from for a minimum of 6 years.
  • Flexibility. You can easily change your plan, depending on market conditions.
  • The right tools. Our software projects and re-projects to monitor what may happen into the future. This analysis, with many possible scenarios, has a goal of honing your probability of success to 100% of your life expectancy. 
  • Our expertise. You’ll understand required minimum distributions and tax strategies for your accounts.
  • Continual review and fine-tuning. We help you monitor and track your success in meetings with you. 

Triangle Financial Services helps you avoid these pitfalls:

Taxes. In using a systems approach, taxes can be predicted and minimized. You will not receive “surprises” at tax time.

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