Clear service structure: value
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Kendra Erkamaa, CEO & Financial Advisor Triangle Financial Services, Inc.

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“Life is Change, Growth is Optional

One of my favorite professional coaches, Janet Tingwald, uses this as her email signature and tagline. While much has changed in the financial industry during the 30 years, we have been serving Triangle clients, one thing remains the same – our focus on growth. Not only do we strive to expand our clients’ portfolios, but we believe the continual growth of our firm brings more opportunities, more options to choose and learn from, and more overall stability. Growth stretches us to extend beyond our comfort zones and learn along the way, and it allows us to practice grace as we discover new paths.

In this vein, we are excited to announce that we are growing our staff and services. Through new team members and service choices, we are committed to continue providing compassionate and comprehensive financial services to our clients through every season of life.

New Staff

As always, we work internally as a team, leveraging each of our strengths and expertise to provide the most complete services for our clients. We have added a couple new faces to our team over the last year, and with them brings added skills and experience. To ensure efficiency, we have shifted some responsibilities to serve the growing needs of clients.

Miaja is now a paraplanner, which means she’s available to assist the team with financial plan development and wealth management administration. She is working on her finance degree and is excited to continue helping Kendra prepare for client meetings while providing the excellent service our clients have come to expect.

Aurora is our newest team member, joining the Triangle team in August as a part-time receptionist. We welcome her experience with annuities and look forward to clients meeting her as they walk through our doors!

Lindsey is transitioning into a full-time advisor, partnering with Kendra to service some clients and becoming the lead contact with others. With Kendra always available for additional support and oversight, we are excited for Lindsey to share the knowledge and expertise she’s gained after 10 years with the firm. Lindsey is taking new clients and expanding her unique and successful approach to small business retirement plans.

Jessica often works out of her home office, providing her proficient financial advising to the Grinnell area. She continues to cultivate her extensive institutional expertise while providing valuable insight to foundations and endowments.

Kendra continues to flourish as our fearless leader and enjoys visiting with every one of our clients. She has developed a niche service helping divorcing couples navigate financial changes and is now a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). No matter the amount of growth we experience, Kendra keeps our team focused on providing the quality, compassionate expertise that makes us unique.

Clear service structure: value

Providing value continues to be our priority, and to us, value means exceeding expectations at a fair cost. As each of our clients is unique, so should be their wealth plan. And we know that for you to understand our value proposition requires clarity of service and transparency of fees.

We don’t believe in surprises. Because of that, we are moving to a fee-based service structure, allowing more transparency than commissioned funds provide. The fee-based option reduces perceived conflict of interest situations by compensating Triangle advisors based on services provided rather than by transaction. We believe that knowing what you are paying for, and understanding what services you can expect, is fundamental to making sound financial decisions. So we’re practicing what we preach.

We are here to help you. We want to remain your trusted resource and guide in all of life’s financial matters. When you contact us with any concerns, questions or opportunities, we will let you know upfront what to expect.

What does all this mean for you?

More expertise. New faces. And even more customization.

Triangle works as a team to create strategies that build and preserve wealth for our clients. We will continue to meet daily to collaborate on cases and lean on one another for our individual and unique knowledge and perspectives, providing you with the most comprehensive services.

We appreciate your patience as we grow our team and improve our systems to work more effectively for you. You can expect to see some new reports as we upgrade software to support our growing team and to continue delivering the highest quality financial advising and wealth management.

We are committed to speaking to each of our clients individually about these changes in order to explore and customize the best option(s) for you. There is no one size fits all, so you can count on us optimizing a plan that fits best for your goals.

We are excited to modernize our services and continue to grow our Triangle family while providing the compassionate expertise you’ve come to know and trust.

During the development of our new models, we recognized that our clients have different needs, and have developed additional services to help optimize the services you receive without significantly increasing the fees you pay. We’ve also worked to develop a custom RoboAdvisor service designed to allow for a hands-off investing experience with the security of knowing that your trusted advisors at Triangle are monitoring your investments & available when you do have an advising need. This program is great for younger investors who may not need or want to meet with a financial advisor regularly, but know that in the future we are there for questions