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Lindsey Taylor, Small Business Specialist Financial Advisor Triangle Financial Services, Inc.

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The outbreak and response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is new for all of us.  We are staying tuned in as the situation evolves.

  1. Triangle is prepared. We have all our staff set up to work remotely and will be able to provide you with service provided the health of our staff is well.
  2. You have an option to meet virtually. If you already have appointment or are scheduling, you have an option to meet virtually via a Zoom meeting OR via phone call.  Please let us know if you would like this option and we will prepare accordingly.
  3. This is temporary and we are confident we will move through this.

There is no known immunity to the virus, therefore the actions we take can impact the vulnerable populations and reduce potential spread of the virus.  We want to offer you options to if you so choose.

Please look for emails, follow us on Facebook and check our website to stay posted on what we are doing.  Wishing you wellness!  We are here for you.

**Please remember that we have new email addresses using our [firstname] @ **

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