New Year Resolutions, Goal Setting and Living With Intention
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Kendra Erkamaa, CEO & Financial Advisor Triangle Financial Services, Inc.

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All my life I have been a planner. My Franklin Covey Planner was known as “my life” starting at the age of 14, when I literally scheduled my days down to the minute. If I was anxious, I planned. If I started something new, I planned. However, I have learned the hard way that that not all plans are created equal— there are good ones and bad. A good plan can be powerful enough to bring joy and fulfillment to life, so don’t let common challenges derail your process.

The most common planning pitfalls:

You are unable to deal with setbacks. If success is defined as everything going your way, you are headed for major disappointment. Planning is not a straight shot to success. A plan helps create a pathway to your goals—but every path has its stumbling blocks. It is important to know that your goals are still possible regardless of occasional setbacks. A healthy perspective includes moving forward on a jagged journey, acknowledging that each bump in the road provides an opportunity to learn.

The plan is done, so you’re done. It feels good to plan out details, check things off the to-do list and put it away. But a plan doesn’t get implemented from a shelf. Plans are carried out monthly, weekly, daily and even by the minute with every choice we make. Planning isn’t something that is complete; it is a process.

The details are overwhelming. Details are very important to a plan, and yet for some, they can actually get in the way of progress. When the weight of details causes decision paralysis, all planning comes to a halt. Recognize the peace that comes in progress not perfection. Allow the plan to guide you through what needs to be done right now instead of everything that needs to get accomplished to reach your end goals.
A good plan has the following:

Alignment – A good plan is aligned with who you are, what you value, where you are going and what your purpose is. It is more than just completing tasks; it is about what you have to offer the world. Your plan cultivates what matters.

Positive pull – Your plan should fuel you with positivity. A plan should motivate and support you, not intimidate or scare you.

Flexibility – Life is all about change, so good plans remain fluid. Accept some detours, but keep your eye focused on the end goal.
I wish you prosperity, joy and a GOOD plan for the New Year. May you thrive in whatever 2018 has in store!


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