About us

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Since finances play into virtually every decision you make, we believe it’s important for us to fully understand your financial motivations, challenges and objectives when helping you determine the best course of action. This heart-centered, holistic approach to finances is different from the industry norm, and it’s proven successful for us for more than 20 years.

As an independent firm, we don’t benefit from upselling you on products and services you don’t need. As your trusted partner, we take pride in helping you make the best decisions for financial success. Whatever your vision for the future — we will help you realize it. We’ll be there with you every step of the way, offering support as you identify, pursue and achieve your financial goals.



Triangle Financial Services proactively creates the change we want to see by:

  • Honoring proven traditions while being brave enough to do things differently for exceptional outcomes;
  • Leveraging and fostering diversity of thought, experience and solutions to create enriching and personal life experiences;
  • Practicing servant leadership with a people-centric and intentional approach to create success for all.



We are in it together. Collaboration means being curious enough to ask questions, listening to what is being said, and always believing the best in others. We support each other to meet the collective goal. We build and honor relationships, partnerships, mentoring, and creating impact in our community.


We are better together. We demonstrate genuine empathy, care, and respect for others. We don’t judge the journey or the dream but advocate for our community to live abundant and extraordinary lives. We lead with understanding and grace through all of life’s changes.


We achieve it together. We partner together to transform the duties of life into the joys of life. We cultivate change through empowered education, active stewardship, strategic advising, and implementation.

What makes us different

Financial planning for any business, nonprofit or individual can be daunting. That’s why we’re here — so we can help you prepare for the future with confidence. As Central Iowa financial advisors in Des Moines, we offer:

  • Compassionate values – As an independent firm with an objective viewpoint, we have the freedom to do what is best for you without corporate culture and mandates, and to provide an outstanding level of service at the lowest price.
  • Holistic approach – We’ll help you review the entire scope of your lifestyle and your finances, so you can make the best choices for your situation.
  • Customized experience – Your needs are unique, and so is our method of business. As we get to know you and your goals, we can help design a comprehensive plan that works best for you.
  • Independently operated – With no parent corporation to answer to, we can offer you a comprehensive portfolio of products and services you want from a wide range of companies.
  • Relationship driven – We know that life changes occur, so we offer regular reviews and meetings — from quarterly to annually — depending on your preference.
  • One-stop-shop – As a small agency with big capabilities, we are a one-stop shop for your administrative needs. No more waiting on hold to speak to an actual person. No more researching and managing your own investments. No more wading through industry jargon to get the answers you need. Call us and we’ll take care of it.


Giving back to the community is just another way we stay true to our philosophy of offering a heart-centered, holistic approach to wealth.

As a firm, we uplift women and girls through financial literacy education and counseling. We meet these individuals where they are without judgment, opening them up to the possibility of a financially sound foundation in their lives.

We have been volunteering with the Girl Scouts since 2010 and hosting Scout Night during Money Smart Week to help girls earn their financial literacy badges. Kendra gives her time teaching a financial literacy lesson to Daisy and Brownie Troops. Lindsey volunteers for the Iowa Center for Economic Success. We are members of the JumpStart coalition which strive to educate and prepare our nation’s youth for lifelong financial success.

Giving back is a driving force behind what we do as financial advisors, and we take pride in offering our time, talent and resources to make our community stronger.

Our team volunteers at Beacon of Life as budgeting consolers since 2019. We are able to serve and empower these women in crisis to achieve positive change with their finances.

Our Story

The Peaceful Planner

A hero who helps clients see the humanity in the numbers

Some people may have heard the quote, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” and thought it was a clever turn of phrase; our hero, Kendra Erkamaa, CEO of Triangle Financial Services, has made it a life principle. When thinking back to her early days, Kendra remembers, “Inherently, I was a planner from the beginning, since I was 16 years old and using my first Franklin Covey day planner.” This passion for planning would lead her on her journey of serving others, helping them find peace in life’s storms, and building wealth to make a difference.

A Principled Approach

Kendra Erkamaa adheres to a philosophy of collaboration and compassion.

As Kendra Erkamaa builds wealth for her clients, she keeps an eye on the greater good. Erkamaa, 39, is the owner and principal advisor of Triangle Financial Servivces in Des Moines, Iowa. She has grown the firm to $81 million in assests under management as of late August, up from $28 million in 2007, when she bought the book of business from a retiring partner.


Triangle Financial is a proud member of the Des Moines-area community, and support or are members of the following organizations.