How it works

We are dedicated to helping you grow your portfolio, preserve your assets and enjoy what you’ve been working so hard to earn. We take our fiduciary duty seriously and will always work for your best interest. Regardless of age or life circumstances, the key to creating the right, unique plan for you is simple – we get to know you. As with all our services, we see ourselves as your partner, and we work collaboratively with you and as a team to understand your current situation, create a vision for your future, and develop an action plan to guide you there.

When it comes to your financial plans, we know you don’t like surprises. So below is a general outline of our processes to learn more about you, analyze your situation and work together toward the target of creating your enjoyable future.

Initial Discovery

This is a complimentary meeting to get to know each other. We’ll ask you to bring some information, and we’ll talk more about your situation, goals and next steps. We don’t have set packages for our clients – you are unique and so your plan will be as well.

Team Analysis & Plan

We analyze the information you’ve provided internally both individually and as a team. We create and review reports like cashflow analysis, net worth statement, retirement income projections and scenarios, and offer suggestions on investments. Because life never goes as planned, our analyses help support you in making good decisions in a variety of possible circumstances.

Check-in &

Based on your chosen service level, we check-in with you at a minimum of once per year to re-visit goals and circumstances. Together, we discuss your plan, life changes (anticipated or unplanned), and track progress. Our team then analyzes and adjusts your plan/action items to continue your path to success.


Our second meeting is to review our analyses and draft plan. We ask for your input and adjust as we clarify your goals. We plan together, discussing and modifying the plan to better focus on the right action steps for your desired future.

How you pay – freedom to choose

Just like you aren’t like anyone else, we aren’t either. We value your freedom to choose the right financial services provider and package for your situation. As part of our fiduciary responsibility, we’ll talk through our service and payment options – from hourly services to customized wealth management options, our proprietary online intuitive portfolios and insurance products as well. For us, the most important choice you make is not the level of service, it’s the level of trust.


Intuitive Portfolios

Customized Wealth


Who we work with

All of our clients are unique. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, get ahold of us. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Single Individuals

Wealth Management